Ebnemasouyeh as a professional corn starch manufacturer in Iran has been known for the corn starch Pharmaceutical Grade.
The relationship between the quality control laboratory of Ebnemasouyeh Pharmaceutical Company and its production line has led to the producing of high quality pharmaceutical starch that can be used in all Iranian pharmaceutical factories.
The final product in the microbial control section is tested for the presence of pathogens, non-pathogens, fungi and mildew, to ensure the product is 100% guaranteed.

Corn starch is most suited as a vehicle for tablet in the pharmaceutical industry. It acts as tablet-desintegrant and filler. Since it is free from pathogenic bacteria,its use now extended to other areas like vitamins, stabilizing,and as dusting powder in the manufacture of surgerical gloves.
Corn starch or maize starch is obtained from the caryopsis of zea mays is a cereal starch which suits the needs of several industries.
Due to its versatility, economy,availability and flexibility,corn starch is used in food,textile,pharmaceutical,paper and adhesive industries.